Forest Devices Rings the NASDAQ Closing Bell

NEW YORK CITY – (October 10, 2017) Today the Forest Devices team had the immense privilege of ringing the NASDAQ closing bell.  This opportunity comes on the heels of winning the Rice Business Pitch Competition this past April.

“We are honored to win the Rice Business Plan Competition. It has opened doors to new resources and relationships that have accelerated our progress, and ringing the Nasdaq bell is example of that. It is an extreme honor for me and my team and another opportunity that the Rice Business Plan Competition has provided us.” – Matt Kesinger, CEO Forest Devices, Inc.

Thank you again, Rice, for the wonderful opportunity and experience.  You can read more about the bell ceremony here.


Forest Devices is a Pittsburgh-based medical device startup company that is developing AlphaStroke. Acting like an EKG for the brain, AlphaStroke will help pre-hospital providers determine if their patients are having a stroke. Stroke is the most debilitating disease in the world, and the mission of Forest Devices is to reduce that disability by getting stroke patients to the treatment they need faster.


Contact: Logan D. Armstrong