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Forest Devices is a medical device startup located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are the creators of ALPHASTROKE, the first stroke screening device that can potentially be used by all medical personnel in any environment.

By re-purposing established technology, our team is developing a novel and objective stroke detection method. It would enable early and fast triage so stroke patients go to the appropriate level of care.  Providing a faster, safer, and cheaper alternative, over 2 million unnecessary emergency room CT scans could be averted every year. With thousands of deaths and billions in costs annually due to inadequate stroke detection, we are determined to become the new standard of care.

All of our team members have been impacted by stroke to friends or family members.  At Forest Devices, we will change the way the world approaches stroke detection.

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The Team

Kesinger -Headshot

Matt Kesinger


Matt was EMT in Boston, MA for two years where he learned firsthand how hard it can be to diagnose a stroke with just a clinical exam. Upon attending the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, he conducted and ultimately published research on the difficulties of pre-hospital providers diagnosing stroke. His years of work on this problem led him to create ALPHASTROKE. In order to develop and bring it to market, Matt co-founded Forest Devices with Dan and Steve.

Matt is on a leave of absence from Medical School, where he developed a deep understanding of the neuroscience behind our stroke detection method, and studied urgent/emergency care in both pre-hospital and emergency room environments. His other projects while at medical school include creating the most comprehensive Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) database in the world, and implementing an Electronic Trauma and Health Records system in South America.

Click here to view Matt's published research

Dan Willis


Dan received his B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Ohio State University. He started his career at Mine Safety Appliances working with portable and fixed gas detectors. There Dan developed his skill sets in software and hardware engineering. More impactful was his connection to solving real problems for those who need it most. In his experience working with the firefighting, oil and gas, and mining industries he realized how rewarding it is to make products that directly impact a person’s quality of life. While at MSA, Dan was chosen to lead the Electrical Engineering Community of Practice, and founded an engineering hacking group. In both roles he developed tools and teams that were recognized by senior management for rapid development, ultimately implementing his best practices across engineering groups.

With his entrepreneurial spirit, Dan cofounded Forest Devices and is CTO. In this position, he uses his skills and leadership to push ALPHASTROKE to market. Dan is especially interested in reviving engineering as a career of innovation. He volunteers at local Middle and High Schools for various STEM projects to promote the sciences.


Steve Morrow


Steve has 10+ years in management and 4 years of strategy, market analysis, project analysis, and operations in Life Sciences. Before joining Forest Devices, Steve was the Director of Corporate Strategic Development at Mylan. He started his career as a Project Manager and Account Manager at Ariba. After receiving his MBA at The Wharton School, he became a Management Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. The key skills he brings to the team are business savvy, financial analyses and executive communication. He has also served as on the financial committee of various arts and educational boards.

Steve is passionate about bringing ALPHASTROKE to market, as he has a long history of cardiovascular disease in his family, including both strokes and heart attacks. He is excited about the impact that effective screening and triaging can have on stroke outcomes.

Carmelo R. Montalvo Headshot

Carmelo R. Montalvo

Vice President

Carmelo has a management background and is the VP of Operations for Forest Devices. At Forest, Carmelo oversees company-wide operations at both the strategic and tactical level, while also managing Forest’s Human Resources Department. Carmelo started at Forest as a Clinical Coordination Specialist, supporting and assisting in the pathway to, and in the management of, clinical trials. He then spent time as the company's Director of Special Projects, where he managed Forest's non-clinical projects.

Prior to joining Forest Devices, Inc., Carmelo was a teacher as a member of Teach for America and worked as a Management Consultant for the Strategic Innovations Group at Booz Allen Hamilton, Incorporated. Carmelo is an alumnus of North Carolina Central University, Teach for America (Americorps), and Carnegie Mellon University, where he earned his Master’s degree in Healthcare Management.

TiChenChen Headshot

Ti-Chen Chen, Ph.D.

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

Ti-Chen Chen, Ph.D., is the Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance at Forest Devices. Dr. Chen holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Institute of Biomedical Engineering from the National Taiwan University and a Masters in Engineering and Technology Innovation Management from Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to joining Forest Devices, Dr. Chen worked with the Taiwan Supra Integration and Incubation and Center (Si2C) assisting academic teams in the medical devices and pharmaceuticals industries with their early stage concepts; specifically, helping them compile Target Product Profile to be announced by the FDA. She is a Regulatory Affairs certified member of RAC Global and supervised the execution of the government funded SPARK program in five Asian anchor universities, including the National Cheng Kung University.

At Forest, Ti-Chen leads the implementation and maintance of the company’s quality management system and regulatory compliance practice.

Bo Luan

Bo Luan, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Bo is the Lead Research Scientist at Forest, where he leads the research and development of algorithms, signal processing methods, and computational modeling. Dr. Luan also contributes to a variety of engineering efforts including the architectural design of both hardware and software.

Before joining Forest Devices, Bo received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh with focuses on signal processing, embedded system design, and bioengineering. He conducted his Ph.D. research at the Computational Neuroscience Lab in School of Medicine, where he developed wearable, non-invasive, and self-contained devices for physiological monitoring (EEG, ECG, blood pressure, etc.) in various clinical and non-clinical settings. Bo is very passionate about using innovative and cutting-edge technologies to improve healthcare efficiency and promote people’s health.


Alex Basalyga

DevOps Engineer

Alex is a Development Operations Engineer at Forest Devices. He designs systems and develops tools that help the team work quickly and effectively. He regularly tackles diverse problems with creative, cost-effective solutions and is responsible for Forest's web services, databases and automation tools.

Alex has worked for tech startups since 2013. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2012, where he studied Philosophy. This background informs his unique perspective on software system design. He is passionate about automated testing, symbolic logic and technology ethics.


Andrew Maza

Assistant Director
Clinical Operations

Andrew is the Assistant Director of Clinical Operations at Forest Devices.  Prior to joining the team, he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s in Communications and a concentration in pre-medicine.  He also conducted research at UPMC in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department, where he studied the inflammatory response of post-traumatic brain injury patients, primarily focusing on sepsis and post-traumatic epilepsy.

Passionate in improving patient care, Andrew has enjoyed working with hospital networks across the nation and cooperating with the internal team to bring AlphaStroke to the healthcare industry.  After witnessing the effects of stroke firsthand in his family, Andrew is eager to see how Forest can use AlphaStroke to help stroke victims receive the early care they need to prevent long-term disability.