CMU Heinz College Takes Notice of Alumni with Forest Devices

CEO Matt Kesinger (right) and Director of Operations Carmelo Montalvo with AlphaStroke. (Photo Courtesy Carnegie Mellon University)

PITTSBURGH (December 8, 2017) – Our CEO, Matt Kesinger, and our Director of Operations, Carmelo Montalvo, both recent graduates of CMU’s Heinz College Master of Science in Healthcare Policy and Management program, have recently been showcased by the college in one of their latest write-ups.


The article highlights the significant changes AlphaStroke will bring to the medical device landscape, Forest Devices in the Rice Business Plan Competition, as well as the future of healthcare in Pittsburgh.  We are pleased to see CMU and the Pittsburgh community passionate about stroke and healthcare, as well as all the showing of support for Forest Devices.  You can read the full article here.



Forest Devices is a Pittsburgh-based medical device startup company that is developing AlphaStroke. Acting like an EKG for the brain, AlphaStroke will help pre-hospital providers determine if their patients are having a stroke. Stroke is the most debilitating disease in the world, and the mission of Forest Devices is to reduce that disability by getting stroke patients to the treatment they need faster.

Contact: Logan D. Armstrong