CEO of Forest Devices, Matt Kesinger, presenting to a crowd of over 500 entrepreneurs, investors, and industry innovators, and live-feed attendees at Texas Medical Center Accelerator (TMCx) Demo Day.



Forest Devices Attends TMCx Demo Day

PITTSBURGH (November 13, 2017) – Forest Devices attended Texas Medical Center’s Medical Device “Demo Day” in Houston last week and had a chance to pitch AlphaStroke to the medical device world.  With a vast array of audience members ranging from fellow medical device startups to eager investors, Forest Devices took this opportunity to showcase our product and network with like-minded individuals.

Matt Kesinger, CEO of Forest Devices, (pictured left) being interviewed by Houston’s FOX 26 prior to the TMCx Demo Day pitch presentations.

TMCx caught up with our CEO Matt Kesinger to create a short video detailing AlphaStroke and Forest Devices which can be watched here.  When asked about the experience at TMCx, Matt said “It was a fantastic experience.  It put us in front of inventors, service providers, and mentors of all types.

Thank you to TMCx for hosting the event and to all attendees.  We here at Forest Devices always enjoy seeing the medical device world flourish.




CEO of Forest Devices, Matt Kesinger, appearing on Houston’s FOX 26 prior to presenting at the TMCx Demo Day.


Forest Devices is a Pittsburgh-based medical device startup company that is developing AlphaStroke. Acting like an EKG for the brain, AlphaStroke will help pre-hospital providers determine if their patients are having a stroke. Stroke is the most debilitating disease in the world, and the mission of Forest Devices is to reduce that disability by getting stroke patients to the treatment they need faster.


Contact: Logan D. Armstrong